VeganHey™ feat. Aim'n

VeganHey™ feat. Aim'n

We’re more than proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Aim’n; the coolest activewear brand in Sweden.

Name: Aim'n
Location: Köpmansgatan 10, Halmstad & Nordstan, Femman - plan 2, Gothenburg.
Opening hours: Halmstad, Mon-Fri 10,00-18,00 & Sat 10,00-16,00. Gothenburg, Mon-Fri 10,00-20,00 & Sat-Sun 10,00-18,00 
Instagram: @aimnsportswear

Aim’n is empowering women all over the world with its mission to make ppl believe in themselves, their bodies and capabilities. We’re excited to be able to collaborate with a progressive, genuine & up-to-date brand that – just like VeganHey – is on a journey to make change happen.

"For me aim’n is not only about sportswear, it’s a way for us to affect the mindset of people. To make them think of what they really want and dream of, not what others tell them they can or can’t do.” - Tekla Acs, Founder/owner and designer.

The original Aim’n store is beautifully located in the brand's home town in Halmstad, on the West Coast of Sweden. In 2018 they opened the second Concept store in Gothenburg’s most frequented shopping mall; Femman, Nordstan. You are now able to find VeganHey’s vegan protein in all Aim’n Concept stores. Available in the flavors: VANILLA ICE CRE*M and M*LK CHOCOLATE.

"Aim’n was created when we got tired of wearing dull and uninspiring sportswear while doing the activities we love: surfing, yoga, running and good old gym workout. When we told people about our dream they were laughing at us, but here we are! Confident and determined to boost and motivate ourselves and others by happy colors, up-to-date design and prints inspired by nature and things we like." -

So, please do yourself a favor and head over to your closest Aim’n store to get the full brand experience. In the meantime: Aim high, dream big. More news to come, stay put!

Photos from Aim'n, by VeganHey

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aim'n feat veganhey
aim'n sportswear veganhey
aimnsportswear veganhey
aimnsportswear veganhey vegan
aimnsportswear veganhey aim'nDecember 2019, VeganHey feat. Aim'n Store 

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